Out of this world instant nitro coffee

Nibrew Product

Nitro to go

Nibrew is an ultra portable cartridge that delivers the nitro cold brew coffee experience on-the-go.

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Big flavor small package

Our cosmic blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian roasts provides bold and authentic flavor. It’s real coffee concentrated in the palm of your hand.

How to brew

Thankfully it's not rocket science

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Step 1

Prep your base

Have a cup of water or preferred milk ready. We recommend at least 5 oz.

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Step 2

Aim Down For Liftoff

Hold bottle upright with 3 fingers. Aim down toward your liquid base.

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Step 3

Press & Release

Hold cartridge at least 3 inches from rim. Press until all contents are released.

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Step 4

Stir gently & enjoy!

Add ice, sugar, milk, and other add-ons to your heart’s desire.

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196 mg of Caffeine

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Long Lasting Foam

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Plant-Based Formula

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Coffee infused with nitrogen has a smooth creamy texture due to the many microbubbles formed from the gas. It also adds a natural sweetness and reduces bitterness of coffee, all without adding additional sugar or cream. Nibrew’s unique packaging lets you have the full nitro coffee experience no matter where you are.

Coffee extract, Potassium carbonate, Vitamin C, Artificial Flavor

We recommend having a liquid base for the optimal flavor experience. Nibrew is highly concentrated and best enjoyed mixed with your choice of water, milk or any other beverage you desire.

Each individual Nibrew cartridge contains one serving. For best results, use entire contents of cartridge for each serving.

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